Apply for Sweden’s most interesting energy jobs

At Energy Machines we help our customers significantly reduce energy costs in their properties while making their properties greener. With an overall view of a property’s unique conditions, integrated systems that convert energy stored in rocks, water and soil into self-generated heat, cooling and domestic hot water, we create the best possible results. We find it very satisfying to do good deeds for our customers and the environment. Take the chance and apply for a satisfying job. Welcome!

We are currently looking for:

  • Regional Managers for Stockholm and Malmö
  • Regional sales staff for Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö

Contact: Kenneth Andersson +46 (0)70-265 94 25,

  • HVAC and sanitation engineers to Gothenburg and Gävle

Contact: Patrik Ross, telephone +46 (0)26-10 30 11,
If you have any questions concerning our vacant positions, please contact us.