Smart air handling units with verified 90% efficiency and low operating costs

The heart of the unit is a cross-flow flat plate heat exchanger, which works without leakage between the supply and extract flow. ClimateMachines™ is available as a location built custom (which provides a flexible and adjustable construction area for efficient installation) or as a module- and unit aggregate.


High performance and good comfort

The material ‘isolamin’, used in walls and ceilings, enables our heat exchanger to pressurize incoming air and remove exhaust air. We therefore secure the highest level of degree of density and zero percentage contamination between incoming air and waste air (verified by the State’s testing facility)

The high density level, together with the low airspeed within the unique heat exchanger, contribute to our great performance with a 90 % degree of efficiency.

Our high-efficient, indirect evaporative cooling technique results in a great cooling effect. The overall result is a decrease, and in some cases an elimination, of the demand for cooling and specific cooling units.

Custom Design

Contrary to conventional air handling units needing big spaces for installation, ClimateMachines™ flexible custom solution avoids the need for large reconstructinos. We can install in narrow spaces.


Module- and unite aggregate  

The Module- and unite aggregates come with the same verified high performance as the custom built

Unite aggregate  
500 – 2000 l/s  
Module aggregate  
2000 – 8000 l/s   



  • Custom design – location built, adjustable construction gives optimal solution with minimum space requirements.  
  • Module- and unite aggregate, all in the same chassis.  
  • Few movable parts result in minimal maintenance.  
  • Evaporative cooling provides comfort cooling for 0,4 SEK/ kWh.  
  • Reduced power peaks give lower fixed fees and reduced investment costs.   
  • Frequency controlled EC fans provide low SFP values.  
  • Walls and ceilings consist of Isolamin with the highest density and finish.   
  • Tested by the National Testing Station showing 0% contamination between supply and supply air.