ControlMachines™ is a system for monitoring, control and data collection. ControlMachines™ meets the demands of the best modern user-friendly applications in terms of usability, availability and security.

ControlMachines™ has been developed to provide the best user experience for real-time monitoring and analysis of energy installations and facilities. ControlMachines™ allows you to easily visualize performance and optimize your operations.

Access whenever wherever

ControlMachines™ is entirely web-based, always available whenever and wherever you wish (including remote monitoring). All devices with an internet connection and a modern web browser can use ControlMachines™.

High security

ControlMachines™ employs verified state-of-the-art security solutions. All data traffic is secured via best-in-class security measures used by institutions like Swedish banks (EV SSL, SSH, DNSSec). The data traffic to and from facilities is encrypted with both asymmetrical and symmetrical encryptions (Secure Shell, SSH). We can also establish two-step verification using a Yubico Yubikey for changing set points and other settings.

Key functions

  • A client in the web browser with no add-ons required
  • An interface optimised for touchscreens
  • Export of historical data in .csv format
  • Historical data for multiple years with data resolution down to the level of seconds
  • Alarm notifications via e-mail
  • Personalised signal monitoring and trend groups
  • Easy creation of trend groups directly from installation images
  • Multi-language support for the interface
  • Import tool for streamlined creation of installation images