Make your property smart, comfortable and sustainable with Energy Machines

EnergyMachines™ is the heart of our integrated energy system, which provides properties with heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Our integrated energy system is an all in one device; a cooling unit and a heat pump in one and the same system or separate, depending on your needs.

It’s an ongoing cycle of energy – storing energy underground during summer and extracting it during the winter.

Reduce your CO2 print and energy costs with a fossil-free energy solution

Replace your conventional energy system with our environmentally friendly energy solution, and experience optimal efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.

By installing Energy Machines, you will contribute to the EU’s 2020 renewable energy targets and the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Become part of the ongoing worldwide sustainable energy revolution.


Unique performance and efficiency

EnergyMachines™ is up to 35 percent more efficient on an annual basis than a standard heat pump; cooling units and heat pumps can transport more thermal energy than the mechanical energy which is needed to drive the process.

EnergyMachines™ can reach an efficiency above COP (Coefficient of performance) 10 in the production of cooling, heating and domestic hot water.

* * The COP shows the relationship between the energy generated and consumed by the energy system. The higher the COP, the higher the efficiency of the equipment.

Unique in the Market

EnergyMachines™ are built using only the best parts. Our uniquely high standards maximize the longevity and quality of our integrated systems.